UK suppliers of ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks

Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks are ideal for cleaning applications in a range of industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering,  Food Processors, Golf Clubs, Industrial Paint, Jewellery, Laboratories, Medicine and Universities

Our digital series are ideal for laboratories and medical applications where high-cleanliness and germ-free operation is critical

Use where simple, straightforward operation is needed

Where cleaning large bulky parts or continuous 24 hour operation is required

Specialised ultrasonic cleaning tank for cleaning golf clubs

  • Clean difficult to reach, complex and irregular metal parts and objects
  • Without scratching, abrasion or damage to the parts during cleaning
  • Microscopic bubbles generated by ultrasonic transducers do the work
  • Most models have heaters, which augment the cleaning effect of the transducers
  • Ideal  where cleanliness, accuracy and lack of contamination are vital