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Golf 38

High quality 38L Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank specifically designed for Golf Clubs

  • Golf 38 Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank cleans golf clubs for your Members
  • Functions as a self-service vending machine
  • Token operated. A set of 100 tokens is supplied with the machine
  • Cleans sets of golf clubs thoroughly, without scratching, abrasion or damage to golf clubs during cleaning
  • Microscopic bubbles generated by ultrasonic transducers do the work
  • Tamper-proof electronic counter records every cleaning
  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Built-in High Performance Transducers
  • Digital Timer set in 5 minute intervals
  • Ultrasonic Frequency 40 KHz
  • Temperature control range 0°-100°C
  • AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 Hz
  • Drainage
  • Provide a service of value to your Members
Ultrasonic Power: 
Heating Power: 
Tank Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 
350 x 300 x 380
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 
645 x 610 x 900
RoHS Compliant: 
Unit Weight : 
Tank volume: 
High quality 38L Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank for Golf Clubs